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Commercial Glass and Glazing

Resurgence Glass Company, LLC

Resurgence Glass Company, LLC stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of Commercial Glass and Glazing Contractors. RGC will deliver your project on time and on budget with top-quality support and expertise.

Commercial Glass and Glazing

Welcome to Resurgence Glass Company, where precision and dedication converge in the realm of Commercial Glass and Glazing. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as specialists in a diverse array of services, encompassing Storefront and Curtainwall installations, All Glass Entrances and Frameless Glass Partitions, Mirrors, Glass Railing, Back Painted Glass, Specialty Glazing, Throated Aluminum Partitions, Bullet Resistant Framing Systems, and Fire Rated Framing Systems. Whether engaged in New Construction, Retrofit, Fit-out, or Remodel projects, our dedicated team brings unparalleled expertise to the Commercial, Industrial, Retail, and Multi-family sectors with top quality products and service. At Resurgence Glass Company, we don’t just provide glass solutions; we redefine possibilities.

Our Services

Aluminum Storefront and Curtainwall
Aluminum Storefront and Curtainwall Systems have been a staple of the commercial construction industry for many years. While product selection, design, and specified products have all changed throughout the years, one thing remains the same: Aluminum framing systems provide an unmatched aesthetic, immediately brightening any application. We offer a vast selection of products and vendors, ensuring your envisioned result. Contact our in-house design team to assist in developing your project today!
All Glass Entrances and Frameless Glass Partitions
The epitome of sleek and modern, All Glass Entrances and Frameless Glass Partitions have the allure to provide top of the line aesthetic for your building or office space. Low profile framing members and increased surface area of glass allow for plenty of light to office spaces, conference rooms, phone rooms, and many more. Our estimators and project managers have the expertise to deliver an outstanding result for your project. Contact Resurgence today!
Mirrors, Glass Railing, Back Painted, Smoke Baffles, and Specialty Glazing
Resurgence specializes in much more than just storefront, frameless glass, and curtainwall. We also have the ability to supply, install, and design many applications of specialty products such as Mirrors, Glass Railing, Back Painted Glass, and other forms of Specialty Glazing. No matter what your vision is, our job is to bring it to life.
Bullet Resistant and Fire Rated Framing Systems
If your project is in need of incredible functionality as well as uncompromised aesthetic, look no further. Bullet resistant and Fire rated framing can help achieve your goal, whether it is stopping would-be thieves in their tracks or a potentially devastating fire, we have the solution for you.